Molecular Quantum Dynamics and Spectroscopy

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Molecular Quantum Dynamics and Spectroscopy (TQDSpec)

The group works on a wide variety of topics involving photo chemistry, coherent control, polaritonic chemistry, ultrafast spectroscopy, and numerical methods related to quantum dynamics.

Polaritonic Chemistry and Light-Matter Materials

In this project we investigate the possibilities to control chemical reactions with confined electric fields from a theorists perspective. By using nano cavities one can create hybrid light-matter states and modify the reactivity of molecules. Our goal is to propose new types of photonic catalysts and to develop new numerical simulations methods.

Ultrafast X-Ray Spectroscopy of Conical Intersections

Modern light sources like free electron lasers and high harmonic generation sources can provide brilliant, broadband and ultrashort pulses of light. This opens up new possibilities to investigate non-adiabatic phenomena in molecules. We theoretically investigate new methods ranging from Raman spectroscopy to ultrafast X-Ray diffraction to directly detect conical intersections.


Have a look at Eric's video to our new paper! We investigate how photon decay in optical cavities can affect chemistry.



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Richard Thomas
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