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Research at the Chemical Physics division

The research project range from fundamental studies of simple chemical reactions, liquid solution , surface adsorption and ions in deep space to energy related applications to solar cells, hydrogen production and photo-catalysis.

Water and ice under extreme conditions - Katrin Amann-Winkel

Our research involves fundamental studies on phase transitions, liquid-liquid transitions as well as crystallization. We investigate the anomalous behavior of water with a focus on amorphous ice phases, glass-transitions, ultraviscous and supercooled liquid states of water. As tools we use high-pressure devices and different X-ray scattering techniques at low temperatures.

Ultrafast Dynamics in Condensed Matter - Stefano Bonetti

Our experimental efforts make use of strong ultrafast laser pulses (from the THz to the visible range) to drive materials out of equilibrium. The response of the systems is probed with femtosecond IR lasers or femtosecond x-ray pulses generated at free electron lasers. Particular focus is on spin dynamics in condensed matter, including time-resolved microscopy of magnetic phenomena using x-rays.

Alt Star-forming region NGC7538

Molecular astrophysics & astrochemistry - Wolf Geppert

Our research area focuses on formation and depletion mechanisms of organic molecules in extraterrestrial environments like interstellar clouds, star-forming regions and atmospheres of other planets and their satellites.

Ultrafast laser spectroscopy & matter interaction - Tony Hansson

We investigate the dynamics of fundamental atomic and molecular processes and molecule-intense laser interactions with ultrafast lasers and various spectroscopic techniques, including femtosecond time and energy resolved photoelectron-photoion coincidence spectroscopy and higher-order harmonic generation in molecules

Molecular Quantum Dynamics and Spectroscopy - Markus Kowalewski

The group works on a wide variety of topics involving photo chemistry, coherent control, polaritonic chemistry, ultrafast spectroscopy, and numerical methods related to quantum dynamics.


X-ray science of liquids & surfaces (XSoLaS) - Anders Nilsson & Lars GM Pettersson

The research group specializes in studying materials through their interaction with light. Specifically, the research consists of studying the chemical bonds and reactions on surface and interfaces through X-ray and electron spectroscopy, probing the hydrogen bonding environment in water at different conditions and heterogenous catalysis.


QCMD: Molecular Simulations - Michael Odelius

In the QCMD group, we use quantum chemistry and molecular dynamics simulations to investigate fundamental mechanisms of photo-induced reactions and ultra-fast dynamics in solution as well as complex chemical processes in energy related systems, e.g. perovskite solar cells.

Structural dynamics of aqueous solutions – Foivos Perakis

In our group we are interested in understanding role of water in chemical and biophysical processes. We study the structure and dynamics of aqueous solutions in the supercooled and glassy states, as well as in connection to protein structure and dynamics. Furthermore, we apply this knowledge to innovate water desalination and purification technologies.

Nonequilibrium statistical physics - Astrid S. de Wijn

Transport of matter, energy, and momentum, and its relationship to microscopic nonlinear dynamics. Currently, focus is on molecules and nanoscale objects on surfaces, especially in the context of friction, and gases and liquids of various levels of complexity

Ultrafast surface chemical physics - Henrik Öström

We use ultrafast techniques to study the microscopic steps and dynamics of surface reactions related to heterogeneous catalysis and energy production. We perform experiments using optical femtosecond lasers in our laboratory at AlbaNova as well as with x-ray free-electron lasers.


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