Specifically, current research topics are: intrinsic tunneling spectroscopy of high temperature superconductors, THz applications of superconducting tunnel (Josephson) junctions, analysis of non-equilibrium effects in stacked Josephson junctions, study of hybrid superconductor/ferromagnet devices for spintronic applications and development of ultrasensitive nanocalorimetry methods. More details are given under the headers Research and Publications.

Methodology and experimental techniques

We make our samples using advanced sample engineering and micro/nano-fabrication in clean-room environment. The major part of the sample fabrication is made at the Nano-Fab Lab, a joint facility between KTH and Stockholm University, located here at AlbaNova University Center.

We also have a cryogen-free, low-temperature lab, containing various low-temperature, high magnetic field, and measurement equipment. The equipment is completed with high-frequency instrumentation and an optical cryostat. For more details see Experimental facilities.

Open access to the low-temperature lab

Details of the access to the lab should be discussed with V. Krasnov.