All procurements at SU must be performed according to The Public Procurement Act which is the law that is regulating public procurements. There are essential two things to consider when you start to plan your purchase which in turn will determine the procurement process.

  • Is the purchase covered by any framework agreements?
  • Is the expected value of the product or service below or above 586 907 SEK?

Framework agreements

Before you start any purchasing process always check if there exist any framework agreements covering the specific product or service you plan to purchase. For SU employers local framework agreements must primarily be considered. Contract territories, potential suppliers and instructions for using local framework agreements at SU can be found in the Contract Catalog Notice that the Contract Catalog can only be accessed from a SU computer.

If the product or service can’t be found in the SU Contract Catalog next step is to check if the purchase is covered by any of the National Procurement Services agreements. Contract territories, potential suppliers, and instructions for ordering can be found at There is no upper limit when purchasing is done from the framework agreements. In order to make use of discounts and other benefits connected to an agreement it is important to follow the instructions for ordering from supplier covered by a framework agreement. A selection of framework agreements (contract areas) that can be of interest for Fysikum employees can be found here.

Direct procurement

If the product or service can’t be purchased through any of the framework agreements it is mainly the expected price of the product or service that will determine how the procurement must be performed. For products and services where the expected value is below 586 907 SEK direct procurement can be used. Notice that the upper limit for direct procurement is the collected value for the same type of products for the whole university over one calendar year. Only if that total value is below 586 907 SEK direct procurement is allowed.

Also for direct procurement the estimated value will affect the procedure somewhat. For products where the expected value is below 10 000 SEK simply proceed with a direct procurement and order over the phone or via the web after a quick survey of price and quality. If the value is in the span 10 000 – 586 907 SEK the process is more formalized and it is recommended to use the forms provided by the Purchasing section at SU. In addition to “MALL 1 and 2 use Mall 3 for service, MALL 4 for products and MALL 5 for products including installation for the direct procurement process. At least three potential suppliers must be invited for tendering. Remember to include the general terms and conditions (MALL 6 for service and MALL 7 for products) in your invitation to tender. A more detailed description (only in Swedish) of the direct procurement process is given here.

Decision by the Director of Administration

All procurements where the expected value exceeds 100 000 SEK requires a decision by the Director of Administration. For direct procurements the decision is prepared by filling in the form Request for direct procurement (Begäran om direktupphandling). The decision requires a reference number (Diarie-number) which can be received from Åsa Storm at the Fysikum administration. When filling in the form it is important to make sure that the estimated value that you specify in the form is high enough. If the received offers exceed the specified value, the decision by the Director of Administration can’t be used. Don’t forget to fill in the project number (or similar) of the project that will finance the purchase. Finally send the completed form to your local procurement coordinator who will forward it to the Purchasing Section at SU. Director of Administration decisions are taken on Thursdays every week (except during holidays) and the form must be sent in at least one week in advance in order to be handled at the next Director of Administration meeting.

Simplified procurement and Open procurement

All procurements where the expected value is above 586 907 SEK have to be performed in collaboration with the Purchasing Section at SU. Contact your local procurement coordinator Patrik Löfgren to get help to initiate this process.

Also for procurements above the direct procurement limit the estimated value will decide which procedure that shall be used. If the estimated value falls in the range 586 907-1 233 941 SEK Simplified procurement can be used. Depending on what shall be purchased and the complexity of procurement process it is a process that takes between 3-6 months (excluding delivery time of the product). For products or services that is expected to cost more than 1 233 941 SEK a process called Open procurement must be used. In this case the complete procurement process takes 3-9 months depending on the complexity of product or service that will be purchased.

Minimize environmental impact

Fysikum is working on implementing actions on all procurement levels to minimize negative impact on environment. For all purchasing you are therefore encouraged to include environmental requirements, such as

  • The tenderer shall have a chemicals management system
  • Any mandatory CE marking of offered equipment must be fulfilled.
  • Electric and electronic equipment must comply with the RoHs-directive regarding Mercury, Lead, hexavalent Chromium and the flame retardants polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PDBE) and polybrominated biphenyls (PBBs).
  • The documentation must contain instructions on how to minimize the environmental impact during installation, use, service and recycling/disposal, including instructions on how to minimize consumption of energy, water, consumable materials/parts and emissions in those cases when it is applicable.
  • Material in the instrument should not be added any of the SVHC substances on the Candidate List according to REACH or the SIN list, see respectively
  • Social responsible production. The supplier must have procedures in place to ensure that basic working conditions are respected in the supply chain.

For more information how to include these or other conditions in a procurement related to the environment and social conditions please contact Patrik Löfgren.

For all purchasing and procurement you should strive to minimize negative impact on the environment by, for example, choosing products with low energy consumption, stand-by options and with an expected long lifetime. Also choose products that can be recycled and offer spare parts for replacement if they break.