Install openAFS

Download the appropiate client installer for openAFS to your Windows version from Auristor's webpage. This installer also includes Heimdal Kerberos which is needed to be able to authenticate to use Fysikum's afs storage.

Start the client installer and click next at the welcome screen.

Auristor install welcome image

Accept the end-user license agreement and click next.

Auristor install license agreementAdd as the default cell. Select disable Integrated logon. Use the proposed cache size. Then click next.

Auristor install configure client

No changes are nedded here so click next to continue.

Auristor install custom setup

Click install to begin the installation.

Auristor install ready

Click finish when the setup is completed.

Auristor install finish

Restart Windows for the configuration changes made to take effect.

Auristor install restart system


Install Network Identity Manager

Network Identity Manager (NetIdMgr) is a graphical tool designed to simplify the management of network identities and their credentials which are used by network authentication protocols while providing secure access to network services.

Download Network Identity Manager (64-bit MSI) or Network Identity Manager (32-bit MSI) from Secure Endpoints.The "Typical Install" is all one needs here.


Before you can access Fysikum AFS you need to authenticate yourself.

Open Network Identity Manager to manage your credentials, you will find it near the clock in Windows system tray.  If you don't see the icon there search for it in Windows search and start it. Now it should show in the system tray.

Network Identity Manager in system tray

The first time you open NetIdMgr you will only see "My keystore" and no identities. Press the button "Obtain new Credentials" in the upper left corner.

network identity manager

 In the new window enter your Stockholm university (SU) username and press finish. In the window that opens after enter your SU password.

identity manager enter user name

Now you should add the cell "" to your created identity in NetIdMgr. This is how you do:

Click  Options/Identities in the menu in NetIdMgr. In the left sidebar under the header identities select your "user@SU.SE" identity and then press the "AFS" tab.

Enter "" in the textfield labeled cell and then press Add/Update button. The new cell will then be listed below. Press "Apply" button when you are done.

add cell window


Using AFS

To access Fysikum's AFS open Windows explorer and enter following address in the address bar: \\afs\ From here you can browse to the subdirectory you want to access.

Afs access via Windows explorer
If you don't want to enter the network address every time you can map a network drive to address \\afs\ in your Windows system. This external guide shows how to do that: