A lot of information on how to use Indico can be found in the Indico documentation.


Exporting Indico events to calendar

After navigating to a category you wish to export to your calendar you can use the calendar icon from the top right to export the category events. From here you can get a iCalendar file with the current events or a permanent link where up to date information can be retrieved by your calendaring application (NB: in order to use this feature you need an API key, go to My profile -> Settings -> HTTP API and create a new key if you don't already have one).

If you prefer using RSS you can simply use the category URL as a feed URL.

Booking a room for a meeting

A number of smaller seminar and meeting rooms are now available for booking in Indico. There rooms are associated to research groups, so please only book them for group activites or after discussion with the appropriate group. When booking a meeting you can simply select as venue either Alba Nova or Nordita and then the room you want to use.

Room booking example

Setting event access restrictions

Events and categories in Indico can be access protected, allowing access to specified Indico users or groups. In order to use the access protection go to the event management and then chose protection from the menu. Here you can chose who can edit the event (manage permission) or view the event (access permission). When adding a user or group you will see a search dialog. For serching through groups you can use "fysik" as a search term without exact match to see a list of all available Fysikum groups.


In addition you can choose the protection mode of the event, either public (anyone can view without logging in to Indico), protected (only people that are explicitly given access can view) and inheriting (same protections as the parent category).

Access protection tab
The access protection tab in Indico.

Groups in Indico

A list of groups on indico, the "fysik:" prefix is omitted:

Staff lists

  • fysik-staff-active
  • fysik-staff-doktorand
  • fysik-staff-emeritus
  • fysik-staff-guest

Atomic Physics

  • Gas Phase Molecular Dynamics
  • Atomic Many-body Theory for Structure and Dynamics
  • DESIREE research
  • Antihydrogen and Few-body Physics
  • Action Spectroscopy Heroes
  • Quantum Molecular Dynamics

Chemical Physics

  • Molecular astrophysics & astrochemistry
  • Ultrafast surface chemical physics
  • Water and ice under extreme conditions
  • Ultrafast laser spectroscopy & matter interaction
  • QCMD: Molecular Simulations
  • Nonequilibrium statistical physics
  • Molecular Quantum Dynamics and Spectroscopy
  • Structural dynamics of aqueous solutions
  • X-ray science of liquids & surfaces (XSoLaS)
  • Ultrafast Dynamics in Condensed Matter

Condensed Matter and Quantum Optics (KOMKO)

  • Low dimensional and strongly interacting systems
  • Quantum Information and Quantum Optics
  • Quantum Materials Characterization
  • Quantum Photonics
  • Quantum and Field Theory
  • Theory of Quantum Matter
  • Dynamics and Exotic States of Quantum Systems
  • Experimental Condensed Matter Physics
  • Mathematical Physics
  • Quantum Frontiers
  • Trapped Ion Quantum Technologies
  • Interactions and Topology in Quantum Matter

Cosmology, Particle Astrophysics and Strings (CoPS)

  • Gravity and High Energy Theory
  • Astroparticle Physics
  • Cosmology

Instrumentation Physics

  • ATLAS instrumentation
  • European XFEL
  • Controlling fusion plasmas with 3D magnetic fields

Elementary Particle Physics

  • Icecube

Administrativa Avdelningen

Tekniska Avdelningen

  • Verkstaden
  • Systemgruppen


  • Arbetsmiljökommittén
  • Ledningsgrupp
  • Kommittén för forskningsstrategi
  • Programrådet för sjukhusfysikerprogrammet
  • Datorkommittén
  • PR-kommittén
  • Grundutbildnings-kommittén
  • Docentkommittén
  • Lärarkollegiet
  • Kommittén för lika villkor
  • Budgetkommittén
  • Kommittén för utbildning på forskarnivå
  • Kommittén för Tekniska avdelningen


  • AxionDM

Creating Zoom meetings for your Indico events

You can now use Indico to schedule Zoom meetings for your events.


Start editing your event and in the menu on the left you will find the videos conference menu.


Here you can create Zoom "rooms", which associate a Zoom meeting ID to an event. To create a room click on the "Create Zoom room" button.

On the first time you login you will need to go through the registration process to give Indico permissions to book meetings on your behalf.