There are many flavors of Ubuntu like, Kubuntu and Xubuntu. This manual shows how to make a standard installation of Ubuntu 14.04 via our network. Installation of other Ubuntu flavors should be similar.

Before you start

  • Check that your machine is properly registered to the Fysikum network
  • Check that Fysikum Domain Name Service is updated for your machine,
      host your machine command should return an answer.
  • Check that your machine meets minimum system requirements
    • 700 MHz processor (about Intel Celeron or better)
    • 512 MiB RAM (system memory)
    • 5 GB of hard-drive space (or USB stick, memory card or external drive but see LiveCD for an alternative approach)
    • VGA capable of 1024x768 screen resolution
  • Configure your machine to boot from the network using PXE. This is done either via functions keys on system bootup or in the bios settings, see the instructions for your machine. All modern network cards know about PXE. PXE is the component that allows a PC to boot remotely from an image stored on a server. PXE does not "know" about the operating system it loads, so it allows to install practically any system (Linux, Windows or any other) remotely, without using floppies or DVD's.
  • Reboot your system.


When your machine boots from the network this screen will appear. Select the correct version of Ubuntu to install on your machine (32 or 64 bit) and press enter.


Select installation language


Select your location to set your timezone. Press others and then europe to find Sweden.


Configure locales. If you have selected English as system language and Sweden as location the installation will not find any locale defined to that combination. In that case choose en_US.UTF-8.


Select keyboard layout
-either by detection from keyboard input or from a list.


Choose keyboard layout to your language from list if you made this choise.


Choose the right keyboard layout for your language.


-Your machine should automatically get a name here based on it's name in the Fysikum Domain Name Service. If you get a name that starts with "dyn" means that your machine is not registred to Fysikum network. We recommend you to have a registered machine before installating your system.


Choose a country near you to find a mirror site for faster downloading.


Choose a mirror site for the region you selected. After this step there may be a blank page looking as if the installations has stucked but be patient the installation will continue after a while.


Leave HTTP proxy information blank.


Enter a name. This is for the local account on your system. This account will only be used under system installation and to do a Fysikum machine setup. After that you should use your Stockholm university (SU) account to login to the system.


Select a username for you local account. Note this may not be the same as your Fysikum/Stockholm University (SU) username!


Enter a password for the local account and confirm it in the next screen. Remember this you will need it at least the first time you log in to the system.


Choose if you want your home directory on your local account to be encrypted.


Confirm that your timezone is correct.


If you dont have anything you want to keep on your disk select "Guided - use entire disk" as partition method. If you have special requirements on how to partition your disk you select one of the other options and follow the guide for that choise.


Select what disk to partition. Note that all data on that disk will be erased.


Make sure that your selections on how to partition are correct and then confirm.


We recommend to choose security updates automatically.


Choose what software you want to install. At least choose OpenSSH server. If you want to use a graphical desktop envirement don't forget to install one. For example select Ubuntu Desktop if you want to use the standard desktop enviroment.You can always install software later if you dont know what to install now.


Confirm to install GRUB boot loader.


Set the system clock to UTC.


Now the installation is finished and the system will boot to your new system.


After the first boot setup ends you will be presented with graphical login prompt. Login with your local account you created during installation.


Fysikum machine setup

A Fysikum machine is a service provided by the Fysikum Computing Service Group who will manage the computer for you. We set up the machine so it is ready to use SU and Fysikum services like SU login on the computer, printing, AFS and the user network home space (CIFS). When a machine has been configured as a Fysikum machine you should log in to it with your SU user name and not the local one created with system installation. Click Fysikum machine setup for instructions on how to make a Fysikum machine setup.