The MEX service offers a complete phone solution with extension number, mobile subscription, switchboard operator service and referral options. The subscription applies so-called flat rate, which means a fixed cost with free calls and text messages within Sweden and within EU / EEA countries. This applies within reasonable limits. Also included is 2 GB of surf. The mobile phone is not included in the subscription and must therefore be purchased separately.


Fysikum has the following principles:

  • All employees with permanent employment and with a minimum employment level of
    50% shall have an MEX subscription. These persons are also offered a telephone
    for a cost up to 2000 kr.
  • All employees with a fixed-term employment of at least two years and with a percentage of full-time employment of at least 50% is offered MEX subscription but no device.
  • If required, desk MEX-phones can be installed in laboratories or so on.
  • For professor emeritus, the subscription ends when the employment ends, and the phone must be returned. Devices and subscriptions are retained if they are reinstated after retirement.

To notice:

  • The subscription contains 2 GB of surf, but for use in Albanova or The university's campus you can surf through the wireless network.
  • The subscription has so far no free calls or surfing when you are located
    outside EU / EEA countries.

Options for the MEX subscriber:

  • A phone set of the simplest model. This option is suitable for the person who primarily uses the phone at the workplace.
  • A smartphone phone is used to utilize more modern possibilities
    (mail, apps, calendar etc). This option is appropriate for them which depends on these features at work. The institution does not fund the most advanced devices. At the MEX phone introduction, the ceiling was set at 2000 kr.
  • Anyone who wants a more advanced smartphone can finance one with
    project funds if this is considered valuable for the project's running. The device is then financed entirely by the contributors. Similarly, project funds can be utilized to finance additional surf volume.
  • It is also possible to insert the MEX sim card into a private mobile phone as well as
    connect a private mobile number to the device (ie to the SIM card). In the latter case
    if you report that you want to import the number, the IT department will arrange the rest (ie you
    do not cancel your private subscription).

For employees who lack access to project funding but, in their role as employed by Fysikum, have a clear need for a more advanced device, the head of department may decide to exceed the above limit. For those who need more surfing volume in the service, this can also be financed by project funds or through special decisions by the head of department. Replacement of phones acquired by Fysikum does not happen more often than every three years.

Our assessment is that the MEX phone is separated from a private mobile phone, for example, because the subscription does not include surfing or call costs when abroad. If you choose to link your private mobile subscription to MEX (and thus avoid private costs), there is in principle the risk that this may be taxed. But for those who do work in a place other than the workplace and at times beside office hours, tax will not be taxed for private use (Tax Agency's notices). However, this is an issue between the individual and the tax authorities.

How does it work:

You who are permanently employed at least 50%

  • Ronni Barouta orders SIM cards for MEX to anyone in this category.
  • You who want a device that Fysikum pays tells Mats Engström which
    Model you desire and he orders.
  • You who want to buy a more advanced phone with your own project means order the device yourself through the WISUM portal
  • You who want to fund additional surf volume through project funds notify Ronni Barouta

You who are employed for a minimum of two years (including PhD students) with at least 50% service

  • You who wish MEX phone service with a SIM card for private phone device, notify it to
    Ronni Barouta.

To assign private phone number to your MEX phone

  • If you wish to associate your private mobile number with the MEX phone, notify it to Ronni Barouta (but do not cancel your private carrier's subscription).

More information about MEX is available on the university's website (swedish).