From 11 April 2019, the person in charge of software and licenses at the department, and the person to turn to in case of questions, is Ronni Barouta.


Generally, program licenses acquired for employees through Stockholm University can only be used on computers owned by the university. However, some programs also offer an option for use on privately owned computers. It is not allowed to use program licenses acquired through Stockholm University on computers owned by collaborating partners, like other universities or institutes.

General information on available software

Fysikum-specific information

Department-wide licenses

For LabVIEW and Mathematica, Fysikum has department-wide licenses. This means that the licenses are paid by Fysikum's IT services, and there is no cost for the users. In general, software costs are to be covered by the research projects using the software.

Licenses avaliable locally at the department

For a few software products, floating network licenses are available locally at Fysikum. This means that the software can be installed on many computers, but the number of concurrent users is limited. The following software is available this way:

For more information, contact Ronni Barouta.

Purchase of software

Questions regarding the purchase of software will be answered by Ronni Barouta. For information about the procedure, please see the page about purchase of software.