(Decision by the Board 2018-12-20)


to  make strategic assessments regarding education and pedagogical development at Department of Physics

to  prepare questions regarding course and education plans as well as course literature at the first level and advanced level

to follow the Department of Physics education regarding content and quality, including coordinating and following up quality assurance work

to  identify the needs of premises, human resources and teaching materials

to  prepare questions relating to the study environment, study guidance and study administration


The Board of the Department appoints the chairman and the committee members after nomination.
The Director of Undergraduate Studies is rapporteur to the Board.

1 chairman
4 Directors of Undergraduate Studies and Academic Advisors (permanent members), the Director of Postgraduate Studies is a co-opted member
7 teachers / researchers with a PhD degree (nominated by the research divisions) and alternates
2 PhD students with assistant positions (nominated by the PhD Council) and alternates
1 representative of the technical and administrative staff (nominated)
5 students in undergraduate education (nominated by the Departmental Student Committee FÄR, "Fysikums Ämnesråd") and alternates

20 members