(Decision of the board 2018-03-22)


The Data Committee prepares the Board for matters relating to the institution's joint
computer systems and networks as well as the computer support that Fysikum offers its users. This includes questions about coordination and interaction between common and
device-specific system. In its work, the Data Committee shall take into account the research,
basic education and other needs of Fysikum. The Data Committee shall also monitor and, if necessary, try to influence the development of the systems for which Fysikum is dependent, eg IT department services and services like AlbaNova provides. 

The Data Committee is a user forum where users' needs and views can be lifted.

The Data Committee shall take strategic responsibility and, if necessary, initiate investigations and to the Board of Physics submit proposals for both the organization of computer support and the allocation of resources.


The board of the department appoints the chairman and the committee members after nomination. As the committee is the forum of the users, the members, apart from the data service manager, shall not be members of the data service group or carry out work for the data service group.

1 chairman

7 regular representatives of the research divisions, one for each division, and alternate members

1 representative of the technical and administrative staff

1 representative of the PhD students and alternate

1 representative for the undergraduate students and alternate

1 one of the Directors of Undergraduate Studies

1 manager of the data service group


13 members