to  initiate and coordinate activities to increase the recruitment of students to the Department of Physics

to  create interest in physics in society as a whole

to  compile and coordinate physics's outward activities

to  ensure that the department's outward-looking websites, brochures and the like are kept up to date

to  draft budget claims


1 chairman and convener (appointed by the board)
7 one representative from each research division (nominated by the research division
s) and deputies
1 representative for technical and administrative staff
1 representative of the
House of Science (Vetenskapens Hus)
1 communication officer
1 academic advisor
1 representative of the PhD students and deputy
1 representative of the undergraduate students and deputy

14 members

In addition, other people with interest and knowledge about these issues may be included in the group;
especially study counselors on meteorology and astronomy must be informed about the opportunity to participate.

The committee shall report its activities, among others on the
Department of Physics website.