Fysikum's Technical Division

The Technical Division, together with the mechanical workshop, provides technical support for the various research projects, teaching programs and other activities within Fysikum. The division consists of around 15 persons with competences in various fields. The goal is to provide basic competence within the most commonly requested areas like electronics, mechanical design etc., but also to offer specialised skills that as far as possible match the evolving requirements within Fysikum. Members of the Technical Division are today involved in a number of the larger research projects in which Fysikum participates, e.g. IceCube and DESIREE.

In addition to the human resources and know-how, the Technical Division can also provide certain experimental equipment to meet needs within the research divisions. This includes a large stock of vacuum components and a range of power supplies, including high-voltage supplies. Vacuum leak detectors and a portable coordinate measuring machine for 3D precision measurements are examples of some of the more specialised equipment available.

The Committee for the Technical Division (KTA)

The Committee for the Technical Division is assigned to continuously follow the work of the Technical Division, identify the needs for technical support within the various activities at Fysikum, and, when needed, prioritise these needs. The activities referred to are mainly research projects, but this could also apply to educational activities or work related to computing at the department. The committee also acts as a preparatory body for the KFS (the Committee for Research Strategy) and the FS (the board of Fysikum) in general matters that concern the Technical Division, such as recruitments to the division.

The Committee for the Technical Division (in Swedish “Kommittén för Tekniska Avdelningen”, KTA) presently consists of a chairman, the head of the Technical Division, and one representative for each of the research divisions at Fysikum. Additional persons can be co-opted to the committee for specific questions.

More information is found on the web pages of the Committee for the Technical Division.

Requests for technical support

Requests for technical support from the Technical Division on a larger scale should be addressed to KTA. Assistance on a smaller scale can be requested directly from the head of the Technical Division. Support from the mechanical workshop can be sought via the head of the workshop.

Staff of the Technical Division

The Technical Division consists of the division head, a technical staff of presently around 15, plus two persons working at the mechanical workshop.