The Committee for the working environment has developed guidelines for working alone in the labs, at Fysikum. Lab-responsible persons are responsible for performing the risk assessment. The risk assessment will be reviewed by Per-Erik Tegnér (head of the Committée for the working environment), Mikael Blom (Work environment representative) and Petra Björk (Laboratoriesäkerhetsansvarig) together with the lab-responsible person.
For more information, please contact: Per-Erik Tegnér (ankn 8682, or Petra Björk (ankn 8657,

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Risk assessment for pregnant and breastfeeding employees

The employer/group leader is responsible for performing the risk assessment, as soon as the employee has informed about the pregnancy/breastfeeding. The Swedish Work Environment Authority ( is responsible for the legislation (AFS 2007:5) regarding the work environment for pregnant and breastfeeding employees.
For more information, please contact: Petra Björk (ankn 8657,

Risk assessment in connection to the Corona pandemic

Risk assessment in connection to the corona pandemic - update 210224 (142 Kb)

SAMIR (Safety-, Work environment-, Environment-, Reporting)

The SAMIR-system is a reporting system for security notifications, crimes, near accidents/incidents, accidents, work-related injuries or illness, and non-compliance with the rules governing the working environment. You can also report suggestions for improvements to the working environment.

 Reporting such issues in the SAMIR-system is important for safeguarding against crime and unsafe working conditions, and is a prerequisite for everyone to have a safe and secure work environment.

Any employee or student experiencing an accident or incident must report this in the SAMIR-system. A safety representative and/or your immediate supervisor/employer can assist in filing the report, ensuring that the appropriate help and remedial actions are enacted as soon as possible.

Links to the SAMIR-reporting system:ödsystem

where you can access the appropriate reporting channels: File a safety deviation report (SAMIR-Anmälan av säkerhetsavvikelse, SAMIR-Report of safety deviation), file a police report (SAMIR-Polisanmälan, SAMIR-Report to the police), file an incident/accident report (SAMIR-Tillbud/arbetsskada, SAMIR-Incident/work injury), and filing a report on unsafe/non-compliant environment or suggestions for improvements (SAMIR-Miljöavvikelse, SAMIR-Environmental threats). Log in with your University account to file a report.