Shahbaz Ahmed Alvi (private picture)
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What was the best thing about studying at Fysikum?

Diversity in people, culture, expertise.

Do you have any tips for prospective students?

I would recommend future students to spend as much time in gathering experience in their relevant field while they are at Stockholm University. This should not be limited to just taking courses but taking internships and research work under experienced supervisors. In many cases they are worth more than your grades for future employers.

How did your education help you in your current work?

I always had the passion to study and work in Theoretical Physics. Masters program at Stockholms University is exactly what I was looking for. After my Masters, I had a unique qualification in my home country and put it to good use by training students in this area of Science by offering courses at the interface of Mathematics and Physics. My education allowed me to make a interesting blend of Math and Physics. Apart from academics, the exposure that I received at Fysikum helped me envision projects which I am currently pursuing in my home country, specifically related to experimental Physics training. These projects hold a novel status here and I am currently helping other universities and colleges with these projects.

What abilities have you developed thanks to your studies, which you consider important in your work?

I developed a unique insight in using Mathematics in not only Physics but also in other areas of Science such as Finance, Economics, Computer Science etc. In addition, I also learned a great deal about research techniques and teaching methods. These skills have not only helped in becoming a good teacher and a researcher but also a good member of the society.