How is a changing climate linked to my Baltic Sea research?

During a one-week course 16 well-renowned experts connected climate change to our most studied Baltic Sea issues, such as; biogeochemical processes, the carbon cycle and food web structures. It resulted in equipping 20 young researchers from all around the Baltic Sea with new problem-solving skills and knowledge that might help develop strategies for a sustainable Baltic Sea management. Read more


BEAM research-cluster summaries 2014

Recently 25 BEAM-researchers gathered for 1,5 day’s scientific workshop to present new results and discuss potential future developments. In short interviews, BEAM scientists from the five research areas describe their latest results, with special emphasis on their usefulness for managing the Baltic Sea environment. Read more


Are the regulations that steer Baltic Sea management ecosystem-based?

Using an ecosystem approach in managing for example fisheries and eutrophication seems to be something that most Baltic Sea countries strive for, but how is that implemented in the binding laws and regulations? To illuminate that was the purpose of the conference Towards an ecosystem-based legal framework for the Baltic Sea held at Stockholm University on October 7th 2014. Read more


BEAM scientific workshop 2014

Since 2010 science within the strategic research programme Baltic Ecosystem Adaptive Management, BEAM, has been conducted with the common aim to support ecosystem-based management of the Baltic Sea environment. Recently 25 BEAM-researchers gathered for 1,5 day’s scientific workshop to present new results and discuss potential future developments. Read more


First Baltic Health Index workshop held

The team behind the Ocean Health Index, published in Nature in 2012, visited Stockholm University to facilitate a regional assessment for the Baltic Sea. A scientific workshop gathered some 30 experts, representing important stakeholders in the region. In a short film five experts give their views on the work with a Baltic Health Index! Read more


Current Baltic Sea research

Films from the BEAM annual meeting in November 2013. Each short film summarizes one or more on-going BEAM-projects.


Ecology and diversity of the Baltic Sea

A PhD course co-funded by BEAM and organized by researchers at the Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences at Stockholm University. To the lecture playlist on youtube


Modeling the Baltic Sea ecosystem

During one entire spring week about 20 Swedish and international participants on the BEAM advanced course: Modeling as a tool to study the Baltic ecosystem, were offered lectures by over ten experts from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. To the lecture playlist on youtube.

Summary on the aim of the course and commentary from students:


Young researcher's gathering

The reasons to gather “young” BEAM-researchers on Askö, were to foster co-operation, build active research groups and discuss win-win funding opportunities. It turned out to be a success to discuss and introduce each other within the cluster groups: hazardous substances, laws and management, ecosystem functioning and nutrient enrichment.



Ecosystem-based management for the Baltic Sea: Historical development and future challenges

The renowned founder of BEAM, award winning Professor emeritus Ragnar Elmgren, is an acknowledged expert on the Baltic Sea. In this video he summarizes and explains the unique Baltic Sea, the problems and how research has developed during the past decades.