Publications from the Department of Zoology

Author Title Year
Olle Karlsson
Population structure, movements and site fidelity of grey seals in the Baltic Sea 2003
Anna Palmé, Linda Laikre, Nils Ryman
Population genetics of harbour porpoise in Swedish waters - a literature review 2012
Linda Laikre, Loren M. Miller, Anna Palmé,
et al.
Spatial genetic structure of northern pike (Esox lucius) in the Baltic Sea 2010
Dan Wilhelmsson, Torleif Malm, Marcus Öhman
The influence of offshore wind power on demersal fish 2009
Anders Angerbjörn, Patrik Börjesson, K. Brandberg
Stable isotope analysis of harbour porpoises and their prey from the Baltic and Kattegat/Skagerrak Seas 2009
Nina Larissa Arroyo, Katri Aarnio, Emil Olafsson
Interactions between two closely related phytal harpacticoid copepods, asymmetric positive and negative effects 2011
Marcus C. Ohman, Peter Sigray, Hakan Westerberg
Offshore windmills and the effects electromagnetic fields an fish 2011
Mathias H Andersson, Martin Gullström, Maria E Asplund,
et al.
Importance of Using Multiple Sampling Methodologies for Estimating of Fish Community Composition in Offshore Wind Power Construction Areas of the Baltic Sea 2009
Anna Palmé, Linda Laikre, Fred Utter,
et al.
Conservation genetics without knowing what to conserve : the case of the Baltic harbour porpoise Phocoena phocoena 2008
Anna Palmé, Linda Laikre, Fred Utter,
et al.
The genetic structure of harbour porpoise in the Baltic Sea relative to adjacent waters remains to be clarified: a reply to Berggren & Wang 2008
Stefan Palm, Johan Dannewitz, Torbjörn Järvi,
et al.
No indications of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) shoaling with kin in the Baltic Sea 2008
Dan Wilhelmsson, Torelif Malm
Fouling assemblages on offshore wind power plants and adjacent substrata 2008
JA Graves, A Helyar, M Biuw,
et al.
Microsatellite and mtDNA analysis of the population structure of grey seals (Halichoerus grypus) from three breeding areas in the Baltic Sea 2010
Dan Wilhelmsson
Aspects of offshore renewable energy and the alterations of marine habitats 2009
Yngve Brodin, Mathias H Andersson
The marine splash midge Telmatogonjaponicus (Diptera; Chironomidae)—extreme and alien? 2009
Annika Wiemann, Liselotte W. Andersen, Per Berggren,
et al.
Mitochondrial Control Region and microsatellite analyses on harbour porpoise (Phocoena phocoena) unravel population differentiation in the Baltic Sea and adjacent waters 2010
Anna Palmé
Assessing and monitoring genetic patterns for conservation purposes with special emphasis on Scandinavia 2010
Mathias H. Andersson, Marcus C. Öhman
Fish and sessile assemblages associated with wind-turbineconstructions in the Baltic Sea 2010
Lena C. Larsson, Linda Laikre, Carl André,
et al.
Temporally stable genetic structure of heavily exploited Atlantic herring (Clupea harengus) in Swedish waters 2009
Peter Sigray, Mathias H. Andersson
Particle motion measured at an operational wind turbine in relation to hearing sensitivity in fish 2011
Jens Olsson, K. Mo, A. B. Florin,
et al.
Genetic population structure of perch Perca fluviatilis along the Swedish coast of the Baltic Sea 2011
D. Bekkevold, L. A. W Clausen, S. Mariani,
et al.
Genetic mixed-stock analysis of Atlantic herring populations in a mixed feeding area 2011
Carl André, Lena C Larsson, Linda Laikre,
et al.
Detecting population structure in a high gene-flow species, Atlantic herring (Clupea harengus) : direct, simultaneous evaluation of neutral vs putatively selected loci 2010
Anna Palmé, Lovisa Wennerström, Peter Guban,
et al.
Conclusions on conservation genetic risks associated with compensatory releases of salmon in the Baltic Sea. : A brief summary of a synthesis report to the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management. 2013
Anna Palmé, Lovisa Wennerström, Peter Guban,
et al.
Stopping compensatory releases of salmon in the Baltic Sea. Good or bad for Baltic salmon gene pools? : Report from the Baltic Salmon 2012 symposium and workshop, Stockholm university February 9-10 2013
Sangeet Lamichhaney, Alvaro Martinez Barrio, Nima Rafati,
et al.
Population-scale sequencing reveals genetic differentiation due to local adaptation in Atlantic herring 2013
Anna Palmé, Lovisa Wennerström, Peter Guban,
et al.
Compromising Baltic salmon genetic diversity : Conservation genetic risks associated with compensatory releases of salmon in the Baltic Sea 2012
Jens Olsson, A. B. Florin, K. Mo,
et al.
Genetic structure of whitefish (Coregonus maraena) in the Baltic Sea 2011
Peter Sigray, Mathias H. Andersson
Underwater Particle Acceleration Induced by a Wind Turbine in the Baltic Sea 2013
Emil Olafsson, Katri Aarnio, Erik Bonsdorff,
et al.
Fauna of the green alga Cladophora glomerata in the Baltic Sea : density, diversity, and algal decomposition stage 2013
Emma Lind
Genetic response to pollution in sticklebacks; natural selection in the wild 2013
Lovisa Wennerström, Linda Laikre, Nils Ryman,
et al.
Genetic biodiversity in the Baltic Sea : species-specific patterns challenge management 2014
Jean-Luc Tison, Veronica Nyström Edmark, Edson Sandoval-Castellanos,
et al.
Signature of post-glacial expansion and genetic structure at the northern range limit of the speckled wood butterfly 2014
Piotr K. Rowiński, F. Mateos-Gonzalez, E. Sandblom,
et al.
Warming alters the body shape of European perch Perca fluviatilis 2015
Peter Guban, Lovisa Wennerström, Tina Elfvving,
et al.
Genetic diversity in Monoporeia affinis at polluted and reference sites of the Baltic Bothnian Bay 2015
Marianna Niemi, Auli Blauer, Terhi Iso-Touru,
et al.
Temporal Fluctuation in North East Baltic Sea Region Cattle Population Revealed by Mitochondrial and Y-Chromosomal DNA Analyses 2015
Annica Sandström, Carina Lundmark, Eeva Jansson,
et al.
Assessment of management practices regarding genetic biodiversity in Baltic Sea marine protected areas 2016
Lovisa Wennerström
Population genetic patterns in continuous environments in relation to conservation management 2016
Linda Laikre, Carina Lundmark, Eeva Jansson,
et al.
Lack of recognition of genetic biodiversity : International policy and its implementation in Baltic Sea marine protected areas 2016
Alvaro Martinez Barrio, Sangeet Lamichhaney, Guangyi Fan,
et al.
The genetic basis for ecological adaptation of the Atlantic herring revealed by genome sequencing 2016
Sangeet Lamichhaney, Angela P. Fuentes-Pardo, Nima Rafati,
et al.
Parallel adaptive evolution of geographically distant herring populations on both sides of the North Atlantic Ocean 2017
Lovisa Wennerström, Eeva Jansson, Linda Laikre
Baltic Sea genetic biodiversity : Current knowledge relating to conservation management 2018
Carina Lundmark, Klas Andersson, Annica Sandström,
et al.
Effectiveness of short-term knowledge communication on Baltic Sea marine genetic biodiversity to public managers 2017
Lovisa Wennerström, Jens Olsson, Nils Ryman,
et al.
Temporally stable, weak genetic structuring in brackish water northern pike (Esox lucius) in the Baltic Sea indicates a contrasting divergence pattern relative to freshwater populations 2017
Thorsten B. H. Reusch, Jan Dierking, Helen C. Andersson,
et al.
The Baltic Sea as a time machine for the future coastal ocean 2018
Ida Carlén, Len Thomas, Julia Carlström,
et al.
Basin-scale distribution of harbour porpoises in the Baltic Sea provides basis for effective conservation actions 2018
Carina Lundmark, Annica Sandström, Klas Andersson,
et al.
Monitoring the effects of knowledge communication on conservation managers' perception of genetic biodiversity - A case study from the Baltic Sea 2019
Jason Hill, Erik D. Enbody, Mats E. Pettersson,
et al.
Recurrent convergent evolution at amino acid residue 261 in fish rhodopsin 2019
Malin Tverin, Melissa Westberg, Iiris Kokkonen,
et al.
Factors affecting the degree of vertical stratification of fatty acids in grey seal blubber 2019
Johanna Hedlund, Eva Ehrnsten, Christina Hayward,
et al.
New records of the Paleotropical migrant Hemianax ephippiger in the Caribbean and a review of its status in the Neotropics 2020
Ida Carlén, Laetitia Nunny, Mark P. Simmonds
Out of Sight, Out of Mind : How Conservation Is Failing European Porpoises 2021
Hans Ahlgren, Maiken Hemme Bro-Jørgensen, Aikaterini Glykou,
et al.
The Baltic grey seal : A 9000-year history of presence and absence 2021
Ida Carlén
Ecology and Conservation of the Baltic Proper Harbour Porpoise 2022
Rahul Jaitly, Eva Ehrnsten, Johanna Hedlund,
et al.
The evolution of predator avoidance in cephalopods : A case of brain over brawn? 2022

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