Prices for usage of R/V Electra

Costs for expeditions 2020 

In 2020 all Universities pay the same price for usage of Electra. Authorities will pay a little more. To use Electra for education, please contact us to get price information. 

R/V Electra af Askö is stationed at Askö Laboratory. If you know you will use R/V Electra 2020, please let us know. It is valuable in our planning process to know about desired expeditions earliest possible. Contact Thomas Strömsnäs for suggestions and useful information. When you know more, you can apply online.

Ship   Universities Authorities Full price
R/V Electra af Askö        
Day-expedition(1) per hour 1 300 1 900 2 400
Expeditions - list prices(2)        
2 crew per 24-hours 18 000 24 000 33 000
3 crew per 24-hours 22 000 31 000 39 000
4 crew per 24-hours 26 000 37 000 48 000

1) Minimum charge: 4 hours
2) Cost per expeditions is calculated upon booking

Other prices apply FOR COURSES on Electra - contact Eva Lindell to know more.




More about Askö and our ships and boats

At Askö Laboratory we have a different boats and ships. They are used for transport, research, monitoring and education. Read more about our ships and boats! 

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Research vessel at Askö Laboratory

The Erling-Persson family foundation decided in 2013 to contribute with 30 MSEK to Stockholm University for building a new modern ice-breaking research vessel. In The vessel was delivered in june 2016 and has since performed research expeditions and courses across the Baltic Sea with technique that enables even more cross-disciplinary collaborations than before.


Humborg, Christoph
Scientific leader, Baltic Sea Centre

Thomas Strömsnäs
Commander, R/V Electra

Murphy, Mattias
Skipper and technician

Information folder, R/V Electra

Informationsbroschyr om R/V Electra