Facts and information about R/V Electra af Askö

Askölaboratoriets nya forskningsfartyg

The new ice-breaking vessel R/V Electra af Askö is 24,3 metres long and 7 metres wide. It is equipped with technical instruments for water- sediment- and geophysical sampling. Modern ship technique and low-impact engines gives her exceptional functionality to work in a larger geographical area than earlier possible within the Askö Laboratory vessel fleet. 

Basic information 

Length overall (LOA): 24,3 m
Length between PP: 20,1 m
Breadth: 7,2 m
Depth MLD: 3,5 m
Draught: 2,2 m
Displacement: 179 t
Main engines: 2 x Volvo Penta D16C-DMH 368kW/1800rpm
Speed: ~12 knots
Crew: 2-3 persons
Passengers: 35 persons
Proposed flag: Sweden
Material of hull: steel
Material of superstructure: aluminium
Operating range at full speed: 200 nm

Equipment for research 

Multibeam: EM2040, 0.4°x0.7°, 200-400 kHz (max depth 600 m)
RTK GPS: Seapath 330+ (Position accuracy xy ±1 cm + 1 ppm RMS, z ±2 cm + 1 ppm RMS, heading accuracy 0.05°)  
Motion sensor: MRU5+ (heave/pitch/roll)
Sub-bottom profiler: Topas PS40, 24ch, parametric (35-45 kHz/1-10 kHz)
Midwater split-beam sonar: EK80, 70 kHz/200 kHz
Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP): Workhorse Mariner, 600 kHz (range up to 150 m)
SVP (Sound velocity/pressure): Valeport (mounted in the hull)
SVS (Sound velocity sensor): Valeport MiniSVS
CTD: Seabird 911+, 12 x 5l, O2, turbidity, CDOM, ChlA sensors
Winches: InterOcean winch on aft-deck for handling up to 1.5 ton equipment, 600 m long 11.4 mm Ø wire. InterOcean heave compensated oceanographic winch for handling of CTD and light sampling gear,  600 m long 6.5 mm Ø wire.
A-frame: 5 t
Cranes: 1 x 1,5 t, 1 x 0,5 t
Lab space: seawater intake, fume hood, lab space of 31 m²
Container space: 10 foot container on aft-deck
Device room: 14 switch displays


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Research vessel at Askö Laboratory

The Erling-Persson family foundation decided in 2013 to contribute with 30 MSEK to Stockholm University for building a new modern ice-breaking research vessel. In The vessel was delivered in june 2016 and has since performed research expeditions and courses across the Baltic Sea with technique that enables even more cross-disciplinary collaborations than before.


Humborg, Christoph
Scientific leader, Baltic Sea Centre

Thomas Strömsnäs
Commander, R/V Electra

Murphy, Mattias
Skipper and technician

Information folder, R/V Electra

Informationsbroschyr om R/V Electra