Askö grant

Askö grant

PhD students at Stockholm University who want to work on the Asko Laboratory can apply for the Askö grant.

Application deadline is March 31 each year. Up to 20 000 per application period and person can be granted. The support is personal.

Covers all costs on Askö

  • Ship and boat costs
  • Use of climate rooms and experiment hall
  • Cost of assistance from the staff

The aid can not be used for:

  • Travel expenses
  • External research equipment
  • Food and other personal items

How do you get the support?

  • Application deadline is March 31. Specify your plans.
  • You also have to apply to stay on Askö.
  • Support is at your disposal for 12 months.
  • We want a short report on the results obtained when the project is completed.
  • Apply for the grant - to the form

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