Quantum Photonics

Quantum photonics

To study and exploit the quantum nature of light, we use the best tools available to modern science. By combining semiconductor structures and quantum light we achieve novel devices and quantum states of light that help us study quantum phenomena. And we have fun doing this!

Nevertheless, investigating the secrets of quantum world is not only fun. The physics we study has strong potential of application in fields of communication, simulation, and sensing.

Beam splitter

    Quantum dots as sources of photon pairs

    Quantum dots can produce correlated and entangled photon pairs. In this project we investigate the means to maximize the coherence of excitation and the degree of time-bin entanglement.

    Measurement Ana Predojevic

    Quantum state propagation in real-life networks

    We aim at quantum light that can withstand the challenges of the real-life quantum network. Here, the performance of the entangled pair sources in quantum applications crucially depends on their quality but also the noise introduced by the communication channel. In this project we use experimental tests and theoretical simulations to address this issue.

    Beam splitter


    This project focuses on fabrication of novel photonic devices for generation of entangled/hyper-entangled photon pairs. These are to be used in various quantum communication protocols. This project is receiving funding from the QuantERA ERA-NET Cofund in Quantum Technologies implemented within the European Union's Horizon 2020 Programme.

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