The field station on Askö is situated in the middle of a fairly untouched archipelago. The lab is well-equipped for laboratory research and courses, as well as field work.

It should be easy to conduct marine research, manage courses and arrange meetings on Askö. We provide a brackish water supply system, climate rooms, an experiment hall, laboratories, vessels and small boats. We can also offer conference rooms, wireless internet, a library, well-equipped kitchens and study rooms. The staff will try to make sure all users get satisfied. As long as the Baltic marine environment is in focus, Askö wants to contribute!

Det finns många typer av inspirerande arbetsrum på Askö

Rooms for meetings and work

Askö proudly offers a selection of different work areas. There are computer rooms, meeting locales and lecture areas. The surrounding nature is also filled with good spots!

Provtagning i fält

Field equipment

Read about our available field equipment. We also provide lab-gear for use in the field.

Lab equipment

Read about our lab equipment and what we provide such as disposable material.


Research facilities

At the laboratory experiments and research can be conducted both indoors and outdoors.


Handling chemicals at Askö

Information about water measurements and chemical analysis that can be done on Askö.

Scuba diving

Experience the inhabitants of the sea in their natural environment, scuba diving is possible on Askö.

sedimentprov på electra

Ships and boats

At Askö Laboratory there are various boats and vessels. They can be used for research, education, marine monitoring and to transport people from and to the island.

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Contact Askö

Phone: +46-8-5537 85 80

619 92 Trosa

Current conditions at B1/Askö

Mätbojsdata Askö

At Askö we operate one of six swedish oceanographic measuring buoys. Keep track of its sampling on salinity, temperature, oxygen, turbidity, chlorophyll, wind direction and wind speed directly at: